Bildquelle: Dora Gustafson
Typ: Dinghy
Sail: Sloop
Purpose: Single

Class: 5

Wind: Full WWC

Buildtype: Prim
Prims: 2
C/M/T - Custom: Y/Y/Y
Shipyard: Studio Dora
Builder: Dora Gustafson
Cost: 500 L$
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Elementary sail boat script full perm Primy is a two prim boat made to present this motor Primy contains one short script, just big enough to make Primy sail The script is simple to read and understand, so it is a good foundation for big elaborate creations The buyer gets full permissions to modify, copy and transfer prims and script The core in the wind motor script is short and powerful The core computes the forward driving force from the wind's force on the boats sail It uses four vectors: boat velocity, wind velocity, sail normal and heading All other variables, like: compass heading, speed, sail angle and apparent wind vector, are derived
Selction: SLSR-No.: 162
Datasheets: 1


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